About Us

Dale Hatfield at the ITP Challenge 2011

ITP was the first program of its kind, and it continues to lead. ITP is a highly integrated and comprehensive program combining: technology, policy, and business. It offers a lab-rich engineering environment.

As the longest running telecom program, ITP has well over 3,000 graduates in companies from eBay to Google to Yahoo, from Brocade to Cisco to Comcast, and start-ups, as well as the leading government agencies of many countries.

Students entering the field of telecommunications gain access to some of the most dynamic industries—and career opportunities in top and emerging companies. Not only do communications companies need large numbers of new employees, but nearly all industries need network engineers, project leaders, and technically-astute managers/executives.


Elizabeth Golder, Deputy Director and Graduate Advisor
1111 Engineering Drive | 530 UCB, ECOT 311 | Boulder, CO 80309-0530
303-492-8475 P | 303-492-1112 F | itp@colorado.edu