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David Espinoza ITP PhD student

The ITP PhD program is for highly motivated students seeking to conduct research at the intersections of traditional telecommunications technology, economics and policy disciplines. The PhD program provides a common set of core courses for all students that serve as the foundation for interdisciplinary research focused on advancing the development and deployment of broadband network technologies.

While the core courses teach the necessary skills to conduct Ph.D. research, ITP students take even more classes focused on the specific areas of their research, often mirroring one of the established areas of research in the ITP program such as broadband networking, wireless, policy, security, and energy.

ITP is a unique program and it is suited to PhD students with an interdisciplinary outlook and research interests that span diverse areas in new ways. We prefer that students who apply to the Ph.D. program have already earned their M.S., or have substantial work experience in the private or public sectors working in the information communications, telecommunications, or multimedia technology fields. For students who do not meet these criteria, we will also consider those who may obtain an M.S. in ITP as they progress toward a Ph.D. degree. Such an M.S. degree, however, should be viewed only as a necessary step toward the Ph.D. degree. Students wishing to complete only the M.S. degree in ITP should apply directly to the ITP M.S. program and not the Ph.D. program.

Prospective students applying to the ITP Ph.D. program must have a desire to solve interdisciplinary research problems in broadband networking. ITP provides a unique institutional environment that focuses and nurtures the application of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies on interdisciplinary problems of national and global scale. We seek to unlock substantial innovation by gathering students and faculty from different disciplines to conduct research on pressing technology, economic and policy issues in the broadband networking arena.

If you’re considering a PhD then you need to identify both the right discipline and the right place to pursue it. You should discuss your options with many people. Our faculty and advisors can help you think about your future, whatever it might be. Your Graduate Advisor will be happy to put you in touch with our faculty, alumni, and students.

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March 15

June 15

*Priority deadlines are for all students who wish to be considered for fellowships.
Early applications are encouraged—it can take up to 12 weeks for international applications to be processed.


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