Faculty Research

Ken Baker researches cellular systems including the CDMA and LTE standards. He studies indoor wireless systems and the role that distributed antenna systems play. He investigates the challenges of positioning systems in indoor and cluttered environments.

Frank Barnes studies the biological effects of electromagnetic fields as well as the role that wireless communication can play in medical devices He also investigates the role of energy storage in the electric power grid.

Tim Brown studies challenged wireless networks such as mesh, ad hoc, and delay tolerant networks. He is investigating architectures for new models of spectrum access through cognitive radios and applying them to domains that include emergency services and aviation.

Lijun Chen's research aims to build rigorous foundations and develop new methodologies in optimization, game theory, and systems theory for modeling, analysis, design, and control of complex networked systems, in particular communication and computer networks and smart grids.

Jose Santos's research is centered on media streaming technologies for distance education as well as for development of remote lab capabilities. He works with students on numerous projects related to the latest IP technologies.

Scott Savage is currently studying: political determinants of pricing in partially deregulated markets; entry, competition and pricing in cable TV markets; the effect of telecom liberalization and network externalities on economic growth; and consumer preferences for broadband.

Doug Sicker's research interests include dynamic spectrum access for new models of spectrum management, developing models to address wireless security in new wireless systems and network and telecommunications policy.