Program Overview

ITP Students in class

ITP is the first program of its kind; and it continues to lead. It offers the most cross discipline education in the field, which is essential in today’s industries that integrate the technology, business and regulatory arenas to achieve success. By preparing students to meet the needs of established and emerging companies, ITP has achieved remarkable success at landing its graduates in top jobs.

As the longest running telecom program, ITP is emulated by other universities and has well over 3,000 graduates in companies from eBay to Google, from Brocade to Cisco, and Comcast to start-ups—and in key government agencies around the world.

Students develop strong relationships with each other and with the faculty and are exposed to career development training and lots of support from peers. ITP provides a lab rich experience including a specialized Telecom Lab and a new Energy Lab where students can learn to lead the new energy economy and develop integrated smart grids. In addition to our masters programs, ITP also offers a PhD option, while many other schools do not.

CEOs, network engineers, consultants, technology leaders, inventors, regulatory policy leaders, and journalists from many industries and countries have come through ITP to get our interdisciplinary education.