Industry Trends

Denver, Colorado Technology Center

Hot new jobs are emerging in telecom: to extend wireless broadband, provide network security, direct network traffic across the Internet, develop the government and corporate policies that support innovation, develop cloud computing, develop mobile devices, and much more. 

Recent innovations are even merging the fields of telecom and energy to build a new smart electricity grid. It’s a rapidly emerging field that promises dramatic growth.

Developing countries are “leap frogging” to new technologies and also leading in the development of regulations to manage emerging innovations.

The fundamental infrastructure of the US and many other countries is out of date, and will now be rebuilt in new ways. 

Countries like the US and India and others are surging into new technologies and infrastructure, including smart grids, solar power, other kinds of renewable energy, broadband, wireless, cyber security and more—but all countries are experiencing shortages of trained and experienced professionals who can build these new technologies and new infrastructure. 

These countries also have a shortage of experts in the regulatory and policy areas; a shortage of managers and corporate executives with knowledge of these fields; and a particular shortage of people who can combine together all three areas of policy, business, and technology.   

New needs are emerging. The need to address climate change is going to drive new industries, such as renewable energy and the smart energy grid. New technological innovations of all kinds are going to demand more integrated methods of management.

We have reached a critical moment for telecom, networks, energy, and the future of engineering. It’s an exciting time to be alive.