Campus Life

ITP is a close-knit community. Students develop strong relationships with each other and with the faculty and are exposed to career development training, internships, resume writing, and lots of support from peers. ITP is in the business of crafting professionals who are ready for leadership roles in top industries not only through their technical expertise but also through their social interactions, networks of friends and colleagues, and overall acumen.

In addition to relevant curriculum we also emphasize the overall experience of ITP and CU-Boulder as a community of smart, engaged, ethical, and capable leaders in the world of engineering and technology. We also emphasize skills such as writing, presentation, business relationship cultivation, and people skills because this makes people successful in their careers.

The quality of life in Boulder is very high, and it’s one of the happiest and fittest cities in the US and a small town close to a regional hub that still has a friendly atmosphere. Transport and cost of living are very manageable. Boulder/Denver is a hub for telecom related businesses, and you can have a lifelong career without relocating, which can allow you to stay near your friends and long-standing business networks.