Industry Overview

ITP Students at 2009 Fall Challenge

The telecom field continues to reinvent itself with new economic models and new technologies, and today companies offer many products. Innovation has produced many revenue streams: not only telephones but broadband, wireless Internet, Internet security, cable television, cellular phones, data centers, cloud computing, smart phone aps, and others.

Technologies and industries continue to emerge quickly and career opportunities are evolving. Our curriculum meets the demands of the most dynamic business sectors, such as telecom, energy, Internet-based businesses, ecommerce, finance, medical, and more.

Today the information grid (Internet) and the electricity grids are merging to create new smart grids. ITP is training the next generation of leaders who will design, build, and manage these emerging grids and replace the ageing infrastructure of many countries. This and other promising new technologies demand interdisciplinary approaches that combine engineering, policy, and business. ITP sits at the intersection of these three skill sets and at the confluence of the most cutting-edge new technologies.